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      We can do mild to wild, let's create a beautiful oasis.   Fence or docks, a small raised beach?  Granite   Lamp posts, and mail boxes with many different post options.

       Buy before April 1st and save *$100.00 off installation of dock or lift system, *200.00 fence installations, (*No separate cash value).  The 2014 spring is shaping up to be wonderfully busy. Call now for estimate and early installation. Fence special orders can take 4~6 weeks. New docks should to be permitted through NH-DES. Shipment time on new docks and boat lifts 1~2 weeks. So now is a fantastic time to order. After thaw we will install your fence, dock or boat lift.

        We except credit cards (please add 2.75%). We are fully insured.

       Ecclesiastes~ " There is nothing better for mortals than to eat and drink, and find enjoyment in their toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God".



     Whether you want your new fence to follow the contour of your land or "step" down~up, your preference. Common fence heights, 3' to 8', 8'+ avalable. Fence widths to scale, and desired appearance. More custom heights and widths avalable.  Lakeside Dock and Fence will help you from concept to completion.

           Granite posts with Ipe Wood or Garapa Wood fence panels.  Caledonia Granite with 4x4 Ipe Wood rails. A beautiful  twist on traditional styles.

       Between measurement, design and after ordering your custom fence. There can be 3~ 6+ weeks delivery wait time.   For most non-custom fence, please alow 1-2 weeks.

        Masterhalco is one of many fence suppliers we can use. In the "homeowner" section you can get a good idea of whats avalable to you.  If custom fence is desired and you don't see what you want with Masterhalco, (wood, wrought iron, vinyl, chainlink).  I have a custom fence manufacturer you would love. For this companys fence, manufacture time is 1~3 weeks.

         Our service area is 30+/- of Pelham NH. Please call




       We provide complete dock and lift systems made by Shore Side Docks. With their exclusive "Track" Dock there is no more drilling holes, just loosen, then slide your adjustable bumpers, benches, stairs, and boat whips. Retighten.  Adding a new section of dock is just as easy.  A beautiful simple functional design.

      Wooden docks are still an option. A classic wooden dock can be a lot less expensive for materials, labor is higher. We use PT for anything that is in the water. A few options are avalable for decking. Some types of wood are cedar, massaranduba, tigerwood, etc. Exotic wood is avalable on all docks sold or for your current docks decking.

       Order early, permit your new docks, and additions to existing docks with NH DES. Permits do take a few weeks.  We can provide permitting service with NH DES.            New docks are made custom in a few days.  Please expect 1-2 +\- week delivery.

       Spring dock instalations, Fall dock removal, please call for pricing.

            Our service area is Southern NH


ADA Access ramps


      ADA Freedom Ramps are a perfect alternative to wood or concrete. With no poured cement or permanant attachment to your home or busness.  After ramp is not needed, removal is simple. Our ramps are modular or permamant depending on your needs.  Resale is possable.

     Our service area is Southern NH.

Pelham Snow Plowing and salt


         Lakeside Dock and Fence offers Snow Plowing, Salt/Sanding and Shoveling services for Pelham, East Hudson, South Windham.  Residential and Commercial.  Let us help, you will love our service.                      We are fully insured.  



~~ This past summer I hired Phil Kane of Lakeside Dock and Fence to replace a damaged fence on my property. He did an excellent job at a very fair price, and finished the project in a timely manner. I do not hesitate to recommend Phil if you need work on your fence or dock. Terry O'Reilly


~~  With the snow flying around outside, probably the first thing on everyone's mind is..."How am I going to get rid of this stuff"? I wanted to recommend Phil at Lakeside Dock and Fence. For the past 3 or 4 storms, I hired him to take care of my mother's driveway. During the first storm, not knowing his work ethic, I figured I'd have to followup and make sure the drive was all taken care of, and finish it off. So when I called my mom to see what was needed to still be cleared, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the drive had been plowed, and that he had shoveled off her deck, and even shoveled the dreaded path to the propane tank, so the delivery man doesn't have to get his boots wet. What normally was MY job to do, after my own driveway, was already done. Each storm has been the same result. So if you are looking for some prompt and friendly service, give Phil a call.- Thomas G.


~~Let me second the vote for Phil at Lakeside Dock&Fence. Usually I take care of my own snow, and in past years if I needed someone to plow I'd call Boyden's since they handle two of my neighbors. Last week before leaving on a work trip I called Boyden's before the storm hit and was told "they don't have the time". Not only was Phil able to step in and ensure that my wife was plowed out but I had him come back to drop salt at the top of the driveway where it gets icy. Needless to say Phil is my new "on-call" plow guy who is both local and dependable. -Greg S.


March 1, 2014

~~Dear Phil,

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for the excellent Job repairing our fence back a few months ago. We had a few friends up to the house recently who had seen the fence before the repairs and then after. Even with the snow it was evident to them how effective your repairs were. Having the fence defines the property border, screens the neighbor’s shed and will provide a nice anchor for Sue’s flowers there.

Your plan of reusing most of the original fences’ parts worked really well. Replacing just the damaged sections was very cost effective and allowed the repairs to be finished very quickly.

If anyone has a similar issue and would like to talk to me or see the fence please feel free to contact me or just forward my contact information to them if they want a reference.

Thanks again for a great job!

Best regards,


Tom Limerick


Hi Phil,


As promised, I have attached before and after pictures (on next email ) of the gorgeous deck you built us.  We are loving it.  Let me know what you would like to do and then we can square away the final invoice with you.


Thanks Phil and hope you had a nice romantic weekend with your wife.


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